Highly accurate combined wind speed and direction sensor with superb dirt resistance available with heating for winter environments. Designed with strictest accuracy requirements of Class 1 anemometers for the wind energy market and for durability and ease of use in weather stations. Patented elliptic cup design offers superb snow shedding in winter and hail resistance in the summer. Customers realize significant saving in reduced setup time, service and maintenance costs while meeting the strictest accuracy and dynamic requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Combined high accuracy & high response anemometer with wind wane
  • Patented cup design & wind vane for superb wind dynamics
  • High durability and reliability in all weather conditions
  • Exceeds MEASNET accuracy and linearity requirements
  • Fast response with a small distance and time constant
  • Low startup speed
Wind speed Wind direction
Accuracy 0.05 m/s
Resolution 0.01 m/s
Distance constant range 0…90 m/s 0…359°


  • Optimized labyrinth bearing holder for superb dirt resistance
  • All metal body and oversize ball bearings for long life & wind load tolerance
  • Highest available lightning protection rating (triple protection of data and power)
  • Snow shedding elliptic cup design for winter environment
  • High survival wind speed >90m/s (320kph / 200mph)
  • Easy MODBUS ASCII or RTU interface unified for all BARANI sensors
  • Cost saving in reduced setup time, service and maintenance costs
  • 24W heater for winter climate (6 Watt for wireless weather stations)
  • IP67 bayonet locking connector
  • Easy in-the-field serviceability

Designed to measure wind velocity in the fields of meteorology, wind energy assessment and climate research. Anemometer with smart patented features for mechanical and electrical long term stability.

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