3-in-1 sensor meets WMO requirements for air temperature, humidity, dew point and frost point. Internal pressure sensor adds additional value where compactness and simple integration is a requirement. High total measurement accuracy with negligible self-heating is achieved even in very low wind conditions due to its micro-Ampere power consumption. Simple and easy MODBUS communication interface unified for all BARANI sensors offers unique advantages in sensor integration and service.

Key benefits:

  • Measures according to World Meteorological Organization standards
  • Combines 5 measurements
  • Easy setup and integration
  • Unmatched total accuracy can be realized in combination with MeteoShield
  • Meets WMO requirements for air temperature, humidity, dew point and frost point
  • Fast response (short time constant)
  • Ultra-low power consumption of its electronics all but eliminates self-heating for high absolute accuracy
  • All sensors come standard with factory calibration or independent laboratory calibration (certificate per EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)
Type Air temperature Humidity Dew point Pressure
Accuracy ±0.2°C ±1.8%RH ±0.5°C ±1.5hPa
Stability <0.02°C/year <0.25%RH/year -1hPa/year
Resolution 0.1°C 0.1%RH 0.1°C 0.012hPa
Measuring range -40°C…85°C 0…100%RH -15°C…85°C 300…1100hPa
Operating range -40°C…85°C 0…100%RH 10…1300hPa
Time constant 10s 8s 8s 0.2s
  • Reliability of RS-485 MODBUS output & locking connector
  • Strong lightning protection (Class 5A result = no data loss)
  • IP67 locking bayonet connector for reliability and easy serviceability
  • Ultra-low power consumption for wireless solutions
  • Teflon filter cap in universal M12 size for easy service
  • Simple & easy MODBUS interface unified for all BARANI sensors
  • Flexible 5 to 18VDC input
  • Simple recalibration procedure

Excellent cost to value ratio.  MeteoTemp combined with Meteoshield is also a part of MeteoAir, a single solution with unsurpassed absolute measurement accuracy, long sensor life and measurement stability.