Innovative radiation shield design significantly reduces solar radiation errors over conventional shields. Its helical shape creates spiral air flow which accelerates movement of ambient outside air to the sensor and prevents hot air bubble formation. This patented design eliminates the need for an electrical ventilation system (fan aspiration) to precisely measure in all conditions. It keeps sensors naturally cleaner than traditional shields because of its double protection. The advanced design expels particles to the outside of the flow and away from the sensor. It reduces dirt and water spray builtup on the sensor probe, thus extending sensor life and long term accuracy of measurement.

Key benefits:

  • Very accurate absolute air temperature and humidity measurement
  • Keeps sensors clean and accurate longer
  • Very good solar shielding efficiency
  • Very low heat rise in low wind
  • 0.06°C average daily deviation vs. Stevenson screen shelter
  • Fast response in low wind conditions
  • Reduces errors from evaporative cooling by shielding sensor from water spray
  • Best in class performance in high solar radiation and low wind

  • Stainless steel and hydrophobic UV resistant material construction
  • 360° direct dirt and water spray sensor protection
  • Reduces sensor icing in winter
  • Protects sensor from direct sand, dirt, water & icing impact
  • Extra strong powder coated steel mount / holder
  • Fast return to accuracy after rain
  • Good water shedding due to absence of horizontal surfaces
  • Top and bottom mountable
  • Accepts probes in diameter 11 – 18mm (customizations upon request)

MeteoShield excels in regular environments and adds special value in tough highly variable road, coastal and winter climates. It’s advantage of reducing evaporative cooling, sensor icing and hydrophilic dirt buildup makes it superior to traditional solar radiation shields. The shield creates value by extending sensor life and accuracy over its lifetime.