Web-based software for real-time data collection, data management and visualization.

Tightly integrated with MeteoHelix AWS, MeteoFact offers customers a unique value proposition. Ease of operation, data collection, setup, and remote diagnostics capabilities save time and money. Integration of multiple weather stations, weather forecast models and satellite imagery creates a single point of reference for all your local weather info. Customizable warnings, charts, graphs, plots, and tables create a foundation for smart and timely decision making based on relevant real-time weather and forecast information.

Customizable widget system is highly modular and can be tailored to individual customer needs.

  • Web based system for online accessibility
  • Multi device enablement (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Automatic collection of consistent professional data from MeteoHelix AWS
  • High frequency data narration and analysis
  • Third party data display and interpolation
  • Weather maps, radars, satellite images
  • Unlimited storage of historical data
  • Management of MeteoHelix network installations for small or high density networks
  • Remote diagnosis of AWS operation, system analytics and functionality update
  • Selection of various general weather models
  • Industry specific weather models (e.g. precision agriculture, road conditions, snow modelling)
  • Email, SMS or system based warnings on weather events or MeteoHelix diagnostics

Allows users from different sectors to manage their desired applications directly in the software. Examples include farmers and agronomists benefiting from online tools and methods for agriculture weather forecasting, energy companies predicting energy consumption and production and road maintenance companies launching weather warnings on road condition risks.

For more information and concrete applications please visit our Solutions page.

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