Error in wind measurements can have long term financial consequences when purchasing a wind turbine or any other renewable energy generator. The exponential relationship between measured wind speed and wind power is the driving factor behind our strong focus on very accurate anemometers for wind energy applications. Accurate weather measurement is also of benefit as you can’t make an accurate weather forecast from bad measurements.

An 1% error in your anemometer measurements leads to a 3% error in wind power production; a 3% anemometer error equals a 9% error in electricity production and a hole in your wallet. A 5% anemometer error can lead to 16% error and a foregone opportunity when it comes to wind energy production.

Wind power is related to wind speed cubed. If wind speed is doubled, you can produce 8-times more energy! If wind speed is tripled, you can produce 3*3*3 = 27-times more electricity! This is why a properly and accurately measured and verified wind speed is very important for your future success. This step cannot be taken without an accurate and consistent anemometer.