1. I feel that I have a windy backyard, so I must have enough wind; I don’t want to waste time and money measuring.
  2. I have a weather station on my porch, wind direction is always flopping around like crazy, it is always very windy there.
  3. Wind speed resolution on my weather station is 0.1mph, that’s accurate enough.
  4. I’ll mount an anemometer on my roof and it will be accurate.
  5. The trees in my backyard are far enough from my weather station. Look, they don’t block the wind at all, their leaves blow all the way to it.
  6. I live on a coast, wind blows from the see and the trees are always behind the weather station so they have no effect.
  7. I’ll measure for 3-6 months, that’s more than long enough to know for sure.
  8. My neighbour has a wind turbine and its always spinning. I must have enough wind also.
  9. Wind maps show that I have good wind here, what’s the point of wasting time and measuring.
  10. My turbine dealer showed me a nice report for my area that we have good wind here.