About us

The BARANI company is introducing innovative and highly accurate meteorological instruments and solutions based on breakthrough functional designs, along with a sophisticated analytical web platform – the METEOFACT.

Our story began in Seattle, Washington in 2003 and expanded to Europe in 2011.

We have been involved in the engineering challenges for some of the world’s major corporations including Boeing, Zodiac, and Whirlpool. Our activities ranged from the cockpit design of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, through race cars engineering up to the development of future energy efficient technologies. The company’s diverse expertise is an invaluable asset as it allows us to draw on knowledge from multiple fields of engineering and science to create unique solutions that bridge the gap between design, engineering and production.

Core products of Barani are meteorological solutions which make professional features accessible to a broad audience of customers interested in exact weather measurement.
Combination of key features like accuracy, quality, reliability and non-traditional styling make the products stand out of the crowd.

Whether you’re a scientific institution, a transportation, energy, agricultural company, or an individual, our products can bring you high value with significant ROI anywhere around the Globe.


“Our goal is to create sophisticated products for demanding customers, which are easy to use and a great joy to look at. Of course, this has to be based on a high foundation of reliability. Our forms are unique and non-traditional, as it is a result of an enduring aerodynamic study of function.”

Jan Barani, founder and lead engineer