MeteoWind is an eliptic cup anemometer with integrated wind speed and wind direction sensors.

Product highlights:

  • high reliability
  • best in class accuracy
  • high resolution
  • exceptional linearity
  • patented


Wind Speed Accuracy MEASNET(4-16m/s) = 0.05m/s || 0-38m/s = 0.1m/s or better
Resolution Wind speed = 0.01m/s || Wind direction = 1° (degrees)
Linearity R^2 = 0.99995 or better for MEASNET range || R^2 > 0.99995 full scale (for all speeds)
Tilt Angle Sensitivity For up to ±12° tilt, less than 1% error. (Best in the industry)
Starting wind speed 0.2m/s
Wind Direction Accuracy ±2°
Linearity Constant Correlation between rotation speed (frequency) and wind speed. Three pulses per revolution: m/s = 0.3927*freq + 0.2745
Response Rate Anemometer Distance Constant 1.9m @ 5m/s & 1.8m @ 10m/s


Heating Optional, 10W max. @ 24VDC

Electrical Interface

Output signal RS-485 Modbus RTU. (Please call for command and data format details) || ASCII output available upon request.
Connection High quality twisted pair cable (4 wire) with stripped tined wires

Electrical Rating

Power supply Voltage range 5VDC – 24VDC (for Heating, >12VDC is recommended), reverse polarity protected
Power Consumption Average current draw 2mA @12V (Without heating)

Environmental Rating

Operating temperature range -40°C – +80°C
Operating humidity range 0% – 100% RH
Survival wind speed Over 90m/s (324kph, 200mph) continuous.
Measurement range 0.2m/s – 80 m/s
IP – Protection Rating IP53W (DIN 40050)
Lightning & surge protection According to IEC EN 61000-4-5 on both Data and Power line


Weight Anemometer = aprox. 250g (without mount)
Mount = aprox. 320g
Dimensions Rotor Max. Diameter = 164mm || Height = 320mm
Patented OHIM 002153882-0001 002153882-0002 002153882-0003
Mounting Stainless steel pipe dia. 12mm with optional Bandimex mount.


RS485 MeteoWind MeteoTemp Modbus sensor Guide 2016.9
MeteoWind MEASNET certificate July 2016
MeteoWind Lightning Protection EMC test february 2016