MeteoWind is an eliptic cup anemometer with integrated wind speed and wind direction sensors.

Product highlights:

  • high reliability
  • best in class accuracy
  • high resolution
  • exceptional linearity
  • patented


Wind Speed Accuracy MEASNET(4-16m/s) = 0.05m/s || 0-38m/s = 0.1m/s or better
Resolution Wind speed = 0.01m/s || Wind direction = 1° (degrees)
Linearity R^2 = 0.99995 or better for MEASNET range || R^2 > 0.99995 full scale (for all speeds)
Tilt Angle Sensitivity For up to ±12° tilt, less than 1% error. (Best in the industry)
Starting wind speed 0.2m/s
Wind Direction Accuracy ±2°
Linearity Constant Correlation between rotation speed (frequency) and wind speed. Three pulses per revolution: m/s = 0.3927*freq + 0.2745
Response Rate Anemometer Distance Constant 1.9m @ 5m/s & 1.8m @ 10m/s


Heating Optional, 10W max. @ 24VDC

Electrical Interface

Output signal RS-485 Modbus RTU. (Please call for command and data format details) || ASCII output available upon request.
Connection High quality twisted pair cable (4 wire) with stripped tined wires

Electrical Rating

Power supply Voltage range 5VDC – 24VDC (for Heating, >12VDC is recommended), reverse polarity protected
Power Consumption Average current draw 2mA @12V (Without heating)

Environmental Rating

Operating temperature range -40°C – +80°C
Operating humidity range 0% – 100% RH
Survival wind speed Over 90m/s (324kph, 200mph) continuous.
Measurement range 0.2m/s – 80 m/s
IP – Protection Rating IP53W (DIN 40050)
Lightning & surge protection According to IEC EN 61000-4-5 on both Data and Power line


Weight Anemometer = aprox. 250g (without mount)
Mount = aprox. 320g
Dimensions Rotor Max. Diameter = 164mm || Height = 320mm
Patented OHIM 002153882-0001 002153882-0002 002153882-0003
Mounting Stainless steel pipe dia. 12mm with optional Bandimex mount.


MeteoWind datasheet 2017.01
RS485 Modbus sensor Guide 2016.12
MeteoWind MEASNET certificate July 2016
MeteoWind Lightning Protection EMC test february 2016